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Recruitment is tough in care. Period.

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Brexit has brought quite a few issues to the economy that we are all catching up with. Whether it is travel into Europe, keeping up with Covid restrictions and rules, finding an available builder, or just basic head-scratching about all the issues relating to the 'Irish Sea border'.

With care homes and also with home care agencies, the supply of quality, motivated staff is a fundamental part of having a business in the first place. And it is getting tougher... a lot tougher to find people that are willing to do a challenging job (both physically and mentally) for relatively modest pay rates. and other new internet-based solutions can certainly be helpful in finding staff cost-effectively but it seems that more and more care companies are ever-searching for fewer and fewer individuals who relish the idea of being a 'carer'.

When it comes to marketing expertise and creativity, so much effort goes into marketing the care home or service to potential clients, and so little creativity and thought (relatively speaking) goes into recruitment.

It is something of a conundrum - if you make a BIG song and dance about recruitment (say with banners outside of a home), it can actually be implying to family members and potential clients that you are a little, how shall we put it, thin on the ground. But in that statement is an answer...

There are potentially well targeted solutions available - social media is a great example. But also the creative engagement of current staff and their own contacts can really bring dividends. What is the most important factor is that the energy, enthusiasm and creativity that goes into marketing your care home or home care agency should be equalled with your efforts to recruit new staff - and retain your current team members.

You need a recruitment pipeline as much as you need a sales pipeline.

Brexit is not going to be reversed any time soon. So if you are running out of ideas and are resentful at paying high fees for recruiting - maybe give us a call and we can show you some ways to get a higher flow of interest in being recruited to your team. Use our contact form and we can talk about it some more.

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